Lake Barrington Shores Veterans Organization Marches in Barrington July 4th Parade


Again this year, the Lake Barrington Shores Veterans Organization marched in Barrington’s annual July 4th parade. Our banner, carried by (LtoR) David Raclaw and Bill Heinrich, was followed by Bag Piper Paul McHugh playing service tunes and our country’s most famous and enduring hymns. Service flag carriers were (LtoR) National Guard Jeff Taylor, US Marines Roger Misgen, US Navy Nick Veternik, Coast Guard Charlie Foos, US Air Force Jules Hansen, US Army Jim Thompson. John Betzold and Dick Cuthbertson marched, and our red convertibles were driven by Tom Schofield, and Karl Fruecht, with Sam Gevirtz, Al Winchester, Ed Donahoe riding.

Intro to veterans.JPG

The Lake Barrington Shores Veterans Organization is a service organization devoted to honoring retired military service men and women. We support Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, Veterans Day, and do a Support Our Troops Collection Drive, all to honor and support our Veterans. We have a Memorial Garden, destination for honoring military veterans, living and deceased, for their service, by placing memorial bricks with their names, service and service dates, in the grounds at the foot of and surrounding the Memorial Garden with its towering American Flag, flowers and plants. This Memorial Garden is open daily for LBS Veterans, residents, their families and their guests, to pay their respects to our military Veterans. LBS Veteran US Navy Commander (Ret.)  John Betzold remarked, “We love to march for Barrington; they understand the services our Veterans have rendered and greatly show their appreciation.”

Jim Thompson, Communications Director
Lake Barrington Shores Veterans Organization