As an LBS Veterans Organization Member you have many benefits; they include but are not limited to:

  • A full annual events schedule. Our 2015 events include March Muster; April Pritzker Museum trip; May Memorial Day ceremony; July 4 Barrington parade; August Support Our Troops collection; September Marketplace Walk and Labor Day ceremony; October Village Barn Stomp; and November Veterans Day ceremony and Cuba Township collection.  
  • Memorial Garden, destination for honoring military veterans, living and deceased, for their service, by placing memorial stones with their names, service and service dates, in the grounds at the foot of and surrounding the Memorial Garden with its towering American Flag, flowers and plants. This Memorial Garden is open daily for LBS Veterans, residents, their families and their guests, to pay their respects to our military Veterans.
  • Annual war, war era Veterans honors program.
  • 2014 Korean Era Veterans honored
  • 2015 Vietnam War Era Veterans to be honored
  • American Decorating’s LBS Veterans “Fixer-up” program.
  • LBS Brushstrokes’ annual collages program honoring our Veterans.
  • 2014 honoring Korean Era Veterans
  • 2015 Veterans Vietnam War Era Veterans proposed
  • We also work to add Sponsors who assist us in supporting LBS Veterans’ benefits programs.
  • A key new outreach benefit is to support Barrington area Veterans’ employment assistance.

As you can see, your Membership Benefits far outweigh your Membership fee.

Regarding your LBS Veterans Organization Membership, as you know we recently sent a survey to all our Members, including a question about changing Membership from a one-time payment to an annual fee, to be able to cover all yearly administrative and general expenses without dipping into our reserves. We received a 49% response! Those who returned your surveys, THANK YOU! Your responses confirmed your understanding of our need to cover yearly administrative and general expenses by changing our Membership from a onetime fee to a $25 annual renewal.